Successful Business Owners: What Are Their Habits?

It’s easy to think that success for the small UK business comes from a single stroke of luck or a single business deal. While outliers exist where this is the case, the hard truth of success lies in the daily habits and structure of life. What can we learn from those who have done it and done it well? Let’s look.


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They Have a Vocation

While making a huge sum of money is always on the mind of the business owner and entrepreneur, it’s far from the only thing keeping them in the game. The best in history have a little extra something that keeps them burning the midnight oil on the path to fame and fortune.

That thing is a passion for their work and the path of their business. This can come in many forms, with some entrepreneurs being motivated as much for the betterment of society as their own personal profit – Elon Musk is a perfect example of this.

The unifying theme behind the elite of the business world is that they combine their passion with a rock-solid work ethic. By being truly invested emotionally in their work, a higher ceiling on their potential every week is achieved. This is one of the many secrets to success.

You can take advantage of this on a personal level by considering your business and where it sits in the path of your life and your society. Put together lists of objectives at various levels in life. Working to create concrete goals that range from the micro to the macro level will establish a structure and frame of reference that will help keep your motivation consistent.

Their Routine is Airtight

Far from a basic subject, the routine of a successful entrepreneur must be rugged enough to survive what is often a hectic and fast-moving life. Regardless of your workload and the changing demands placed upon you as a business owner, you should always have an anchor point to fall back on in the form of routine.

For some, the bedrock of their success is founded on a daily regimen that involves fitness, diet and healthy living. Others may find that focussing on compartmentalizing their lives to be more modular is the key to success. Whatever works for you, the secret truth of this point of advice is that it must be repeated religiously and without fail.

When applied in a more directly business focussed approach, a solid routine can help with experimentation and analysis of your new projects and activities. This is particularly effective when experimenting with the different forms of marketing available to entrepreneurs in the modern, digital world.

They Love to Fail

Well, not quite! The power of this notion is extreme, however. The phrase ‘Fail Faster’ is one chanted across the business world for a very good reason; it embodies a positive, rugged attitude and hastens learning.

By embracing the potential for failure, you put yourself in a mental state that is all about learning. By embracing risk, the entrepreneur opens themselves up to a higher chance of eventual success. While this is not to say that taking any risk is beneficial, it does hold true that being too risk-averse in business will cripple your chances of achieving your goals.

Learn to live outside your comfort zone and ruthlessly analyse what goes wrong when it does go wrong. You’ll learn orders of magnitude faster than the competition.

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